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Business Insurances

Assisting businesses with their insurances in a variety of industries such as, Information Technology, Retail and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Construction and Earthmoving.

We also assist businesses in professional services sector such as Accountants, Business Consultants, Project Specialists and IT consultants.

BICS can source and assist with your covers.

Looking for some help?

A few simple questions to ask yourself to see if we can
add value and assist with protection of your business and it's assets:


As a business do you own buildings or property, office or business equipment, hold stock, have work vehicles or machinery?

Do you owe any money to banks or other lenders for any of the business assets?

Are you leasing an office, warehouse or building used for the business?

When was the last time my insurance advisor or insurer completed a face to face review with me?

Are you providing any advice, design or expertise of knowledge for a fee?

Do you manufacture, sell, import or export any products?

Do you have staff and understand your responsibilities for their work safety and protection, as well as for the businesses' protection?

Does the business have any contingency plans for events preventing work for the business,  loss of key staff, major workplace incidents? And who do you turn to for assistance and advice?

Various lines of business insurance cover that we can assist you with

Business Asset & Business Interruption Insurance
Protection for your business assets in the event of 'perils' such as fire, storm and weather events, even impact from falling trees or debris.

It also can secure valuable income to the business for lost revenue through 'Business Interruption Cover' - ensuring the business survives when a disaster happens.

Liability Covers 
Insurance for liability is there to protect the business and its staff against claims for any injury or damage to third parties and their property. Cover includes support by the insurer to defend the claim if need be as well as provide for compensation when the business is responsible.

Trades and Construction Professionals
Whether you're a painter, plumber, carpenter or electrician, we can assist with the right covers for your business. 

Professional Indemnity
When giving any advice, providing expert opinion, designing or creating, your business needs the right cover to protect it. Professional Indemnity also known as PI protects your business against legal costs and claims by third parties for damages arising from acts, omissions or breaches of professional duty in the course of your business.

Cyber Crime
Protecting your business from the hidden danger of modern cyber and online threats. Cyber crime can cripple your business, compromise your data and leave you open to  ransom claims.

Management Liability
Specialist cover for your leadership team protecting them from litigation and liability claims.

Commercial Property Owners
Protection for your business premises and rental income.

Strata Insurance (Commercial and Residential)
From small residential Body Corporate to large Commercial Strata, protecting assets is a significant responsibility for all involved. Covers include property, office bearers' covers, and liability cover to protect all owners and members.

Construction (Contracts Works Insurance including Liability)
Protection against events affecting construction works and liabilities.

Associations and Not-for-Profit Sector
Community groups, charities and associations need the right cover for their unique needs .

Commercial Motor Vehicle/Fleet Insurance
Protection for your commercial use vehicles including business fleets.

Motor Trades and Mechanics

When working in the motor trades, you are responsible for other people's vehicles as well as having the right insurances to cover your workshop.