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Personal Accident and Illness Cover

Cover for Injury caused by an accident or when you get seriously ill
24/7 Cover and Capital Benefit for lump sum payment for serious events including Death

Injury and Sickness is a part of life

You can protect against it impacting your business

No matter how fit and careful we are, sickness and accidents are a fact of life. However, unlike other business losses,
such as tools and vehicles, our health isn’t immediately replaceable. 

When you get sick or hurt you need time to recover and that’s what costs your business money.
That is also what makes Personal Accident & Illness Cover one of most important insurances you can have.

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Personal Accident & Illness Cover

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* Pre-Existing Condition means any injury or any illness, disease or condition that existed prior to the commencement of the Period of Insurance, of which you were aware before the Period of Insurance, or which a reasonable person in your circumstances could have been expected to have been aware of, or for which you have received or sought medical attention or treatment, or for which you have undergone testing prior to the commencement of the Period of Insurance

* Note Personal Accident and Sickness cover has a standard exclusion in regards claims for any pre-existing injuries or illness. For more details or clarifications, please speak with one of our representatives.

by clicking submit I also understand my duty of disclosure requirements in respect the above questions and providing information that is correct at time of formal application for cover.

14 Days Wait Period (Excess)

104 Week Benefit

$100,000 Capital Benefits

Age Band 16 to 70yrs of age

Agreed Value and Indemnity Covers available 

Various Limits Available

Agreed Value limits from $500 up to $1,300 per week,
and higher for indemnity cover in excess of $1,750 per week cover
P.O.A for higher limits if required.

What is Accident/Injury Cover?

Accident Cover can cover part or in some instances 100% of your income if you are injured, not only at work, but outside of work as well.

Some covers even extend to cover for amateur sports injuries, meaning you can still enjoy the activities you love to do.

Why do I need it?  

We don’t hesitate to insure our cars or our homes, but very rarely do we go one step further.

The reason we have an income to pay for those possessions is the ability to work. Take away the ability to work and then you have no income, no possessions and ironically, nothing else worth insuring.  

Having something to fall back on is especially important when you are the key bread winner for your business as well as your family.

The last thing you need when trying to recover from an injury or serious illness is the mounting cost of running a business. With little income coming in, you’ve still got to take care of your monthly overheads and pay the bills.  

Personal Accident and Illness Cover, or PA&I Cover for short, can support you in your time of need.

What is Illness/Sickness Cover?

'Illness Cover' is often overlooked and not considered important, but if you fall sick and can’t work, illness cover provides the support you need while you concentrate on getting better.

What does it cost?

You can take out Personal Accident and Illness cover from as little as $2 a day.

That’s less than half the price of a schooner of beer or a takeaway coffee.

Now compare $2 a day to being without an income for weeks or months. Without the right insurance in place, an accident at work can not only be business crippling, it can be business ending.

At Business Insurance Cover Services our focus is on your business continuity, we provide advice and tailor Personal Accident and Illness Cover to suit your needs.  

Can 'fixed business expenses' be covered?

As a small business owner, you more than likely have reoccurring fixed expenses. When taking out cover you may also be eligible for cover of your fixed business expenses.

This is additional cover for ongoing monthly overheads while you’re in recovery. Ask us about the cover and if it is right for you.

To find out how affordable Personal Accident and Illness coverage be, simply contact us for a quote today .

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What happens at claim time?


In the event of a claim we will be your initial point of contact. We’ll tell you what to gather, such as supporting evidence and documentation, and guide you through the best actions to take to avoid issues with lodgement.

With your permission we can also assist by working with your medical practitioner and accountant or bookkeeper to get any financial evidence and information together.

By working alongside you, we ensure forms and documents are completed and lodged appropriately. We also liaise directly with the insurer on your behalf, ensuring the insures can action your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our commitment is to maintain open ongoing communication with both you and insurer.

We take claims seriously, especially for an injury or illness. The team at Business Insurance Cover Services is here to help you every step of the way so that you can focus on getting better and back to work safely.