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Covers for the Painting Industry

At Business Insurance Cover Services we understand the painting industry and are here to offer the advice and support you need to ensure you and your business have the right cover for right now.   Whether it’s at work or at home, we’ve got you covered, offering an extensive range of professional and personal insurance tailored to your needs. .

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Liability Cover

Accidents happen, and having Liability Cover for your business to cover for such incidents when you or your employee causes damage to property or worse injury to someone is crucial.

For Painters its no different . Cover includes:

  • Public liability (including tax disputes, audit and legal expenses).
  • Limit options of $5 million, $10 million and $20 million cover
  • Automatic cover inclusion for spray work
  • No Height Restriction available

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Likeminded Painters Australia

Business Insurance Cover Services has been fortunate enough to become a preferred partner of Likeminded Painters to support all their members and assist them with all their general insurance needs.

Members can access great deals from suppliers who want to do business with them. All suppliers have been selected based on service quality, national footprint and passion for working with our members.

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Personal Accident

and Sickness Cover

No matter how fit and careful we are, sickness and accidents are a fact of life.

When you get sick or hurt you need time to recover and that’s what costs your business money.

That is also what makes Personal Accident & Illness Cover one of most important insurances you can have.

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Tool and Portable Property cover

Insuring your tools is essential for business continuity.

At Business Insurance Cover Services, we source cover tailored to the needs of the painting industry.

As your broker we can help you with the right covers for your equipment such as Spray Guns, Compressors, Ladders and Scaffolding, even Mobile Phones and Laptops.

We understand what equipment needs to be insured as well as the circumstances most likely to lead to a claim.

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Management Liability

Running a business comes with serious responsibilities, with these additional responsibilities comes risk.

Managing staff, statutory requirements, OH&S, tax compliance, the list goes on.

Management Liability cover is there to protect you and your business from such risks.

Management Liability insurance covers the costs of defending claims made against directors, managers and employees as a result of their actions and decisions.

Not just for big business, Management Liability is available for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Companies of all sizes.

Motor Vehicle Cover for Painters

Being the owner of a mobile business, you know how important it is to have your vehicle with you every day of the year.

Whether it’s getting to a job; carrying your ladders, spray gun and product; quoting on new work or even ducking off to get the team some lunch; your vehicle is at centre of your business.

That’s why, when accidents happen, you need the right insurance to get you back on the road as quickly as possible

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What happens at claim time?

In the event of a claim we will be your initial point of contact. We’ll tell you what to gather, such as supporting evidence and documentation, and guide you through the best actions to take to avoid issues with lodgement.

We’ll work alongside you to ensure forms and documents are completed and lodged appropriately, and we’ll liaise directly with the insurer on your behalf, ensuring they have best chance of making an informed and efficient assessment of your claim.

We process our commitment is to maintain open ongoing communication with both you and insurer.

Whether it’s getting your vehicle back on the road, replacing your equipment, or claiming for an accident or injury, we’re here to take care of the process so that you can focus on running your business.